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8 reasons to Invest in Photo Studio Equipment

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Starting any kind of business is always exciting! But, over time, it becomes very challenging to sustain. Particularly for small and medium investors or those who have full time job obligations, starting a business seems like an exciting adventure to embrace.  However, some questions are: how to choose the right business model? and what are the advantages?

In this post we will discuss about the advantages of choosing to invest in a home photo studio and the top reasons to invest in a photography business:

  1. The entry level investment is quite low…
    but high enough, so that not just anybody could offer Studio Photography services and be your competitor :-) All you need to start a Photo Studio or a photo booth is a pair of lights, some photography background options, a simple modifier  and a Camera (which most likely you have already). All in all the initial investment for a home photo studio  is less than US$ 500 (Or PHP 20,000)
  2. The equipment used in Studio Photography is essentially TIMELESS
    Stuff you need to take great photos like Lights, modifiers, supports and backgrounds, are simple, powerful and not subject to substantial depreciation, wear or tear. You can use the same lights and bulbs for years (even decades in the case of LED)
  3. You can start and learn at any age.
    You are never too old or too young to be a photographer. It is one of those activities that you can start at any age and continue for the rest of your life. In order to do photography you need light. Light is everywhere, however it can be tricky and present itself in forms and directions that are not convenient for your work of art, so learning to modify it and use it to your creations gives you an edge, and a clientele :-)
  4. The trend is on your side.
    With the rise of smartphone photography and social networks sharing photos you have thousands of people who start to realize they want to look better in the pictures. Moreover the light source in smartphones doesn’t make justice to the high resolution images they produce. Even google’s boss warns about a problem of the digital era. A safe way to take/preserve photos is still with prints and good light.Because of the huge awareness about looking good in he social networks, people will come to you wanting professional outcome for the memories of their family gatherings, to take good pictures of products they want to sell on the web and other cases.
  5. You can differentiate yourself.
    In this world of mass communication we all want to stand apart and be different, to feel special. You can also be different, by choosing photography as your side job or your full-time business. Within Photography there are many niche markets that you can use to express yourself and find your identity, not to mention make profits. Just to name a few you could do: Wedding photography, children photography, food photography, product photography (this one is specially hot) pet photography, school pictorials…just to name a few.
  6. Besides of being a good business it is also Fulfilling.
    Imagine that you started your studio and started marketing among friends and in the social networks, chances are you will get at least 3 clients. If you do your best to give a good service (make them happy) and also offer each client a “free” photoshoot for every referral they give you, you would have already multiplied by 2 your first job (6 people) and at the same time you created more business because the first three will need to print and retouch the second pictures too :-)
  7. It is easy to exit (and enter again).
    If for any reason you want to stop, or exit, Photography equipment has a decent reselling value and you can just store them and come back anytime,  and your gear will be as good as ever.  Moreover, if you quit photography and your old clients keep calling you there are many fellow photographers around you can refer them to.
  8. You will be touching people’s lifes in a positive way.
    This is perhaps the most important one, and the reason most of us do whatever we do. When you take photographs people is relying on your talent to capture the essence of some important moment in their life, and these are instances that just happen. You will be a wizard who can freeze memories of love and joy for others and that positive impact will come back at you – hopefully in cash :-)

So as you can see, Photography is well and alive.  As an industry, it still has many healthy niches to profit from and the technology of light is as good as it has ever been. You don’t need millions to start and it can be fulfilling and nurturing for you and your loved ones both economically and spiritually.

Live your passion well equipped! Photozuela ®


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