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Same day delivery for your Photo Supplies! Imagination and creativity know no time. How many times you had a shoot or an event and found out you could use an extra softbox, or realize some bulbs are busted. Or you need an extra battery? Now, Photozuela in cooperation with a leading carrier has launched the Manila same day delivery all over Manila All you need to do is checkout your purchases … Read More →

Composing Movement with Akira Kurosawa

This short commentary by Tony Zhou compiles quite a good selection of scenes and comments about the importance of movement for communication. At the same time we must remember being gifted or having a natural talent is a wonderful thing. But talent and skill can certainly be developed and trained.  Continuous development is a reality in the World of Arts too. By continuously developing and getting the right tools,  you too can … Read More →

See the extraordinary in the Ordinary through Photography

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Wondering how to improve your Photography?  You wish you could spend more time doing Photography and less time doing anything else? Photography is an art of observation, it’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place. It has little to do with the hings you see and Everything to do with How you see them Elliot Erwitt Just be yourself and express your own interpretation of the world around you, … Read More →

Shoot what it feels like (with the right tools)

Inspire yourself to achieve more, because you deserve the best

n Photography you are often having to combine your observation with the right place and time, whether for fun or for business the fact that you put passion and feeling in your photographs makes a difference in the outcome of your pictures. This passion likely should show in your paycheck too! The more you achieve managing your passion the more you become like a translator capturing subtle emotions and comunicative angles of … Read More →

New improved Photozuela Website

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Dear Friends and fellow Photographers and Hobbyist It is our pleasure to announce that we have completed a major upgrade in the Photozuela catalog. You can still enjoy the similar design you are familiar with but we have implemented several features that are meant to improve your shopping experience with us. We have made some changes on the following: Wishlist: A heart shape icon is added in the product page … Read More →

Marketing ideas for your Photography Business

Delivery nationwide in The Philippines of Seamless paper photo background

If you want to start your own photo studio business and make additional income you want to consider this little advice: Imagine that you started your own studio and started marketing among friends and in the social networks, chances are you will get at least 3 clients. If you do your best to give a good service (make them happy) and also offer each client a “free” photoshoot for every referral they … Read More →

8 reasons to Invest in Photo Studio Equipment

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Starting any kind of business is always exciting! But, over time, it becomes very challenging to sustain. Particularly for small and medium investors or those who have full time job obligations, starting a business seems like an exciting adventure to embrace.  However, some questions are: how to choose the right business model? and what are the advantages? In this post we will discuss about the advantages of choosing to invest in … Read More →

New Family of Photozuela gopro light sources


Despite of the high resolution and image stability of the modern sports cameras, the fact that it doesn’t have a source of additional light, limits its uses in professional photography, underwater photography and in night photography Visit the shop for more details or [buy_now_button product_id=’4268′] when detail photography is necessary the Gopro and similar sports cameras don’t have a natural light source. Buy the Macro LED light for Gopro and achieve a … Read More →

Selfie LED: The smartphone camera’s next level


Despite of the impressive development of smartphone cameras the appropriate light source has been somehow, neglected….Buy this amazing LED color balanced selfie light and get better pictures with your mobile phone. After all for great pictures you need great light! One of its kind fill-in LED light! Professional grade pictures using a mobile Phone [buy_now_button product_id=’4183′]