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Now receive your purchases the Same Day


Same day delivery for your Photo Supplies! Imagination and creativity know no time. How many times you had a shoot or an event and found out you could use an extra softbox, or realize some bulbs are busted. Or you need an extra battery? Now, Photozuela in cooperation with a leading carrier has launched the Manila same day delivery all over Manila All you need to do is checkout your purchases … Read More →

New improved Photozuela Website

Photozuela blog post year of the monkey 2016

Dear Friends and fellow Photographers and Hobbyist It is our pleasure to announce that we have completed a major upgrade in the Photozuela catalog. You can still enjoy the similar design you are familiar with but we have implemented several features that are meant to improve your shopping experience with us. We have made some changes on the following: Wishlist: A heart shape icon is added in the product page … Read More →

Selfie LED: The smartphone camera’s next level


Despite of the impressive development of smartphone cameras the appropriate light source has been somehow, neglected….Buy this amazing LED color balanced selfie light and get better pictures with your mobile phone. After all for great pictures you need great light! One of its kind fill-in LED light! Professional grade pictures using a mobile Phone [buy_now_button product_id=’4183′]

Meet the ZuelaCAM 1: Stable IP Security Camera and Baby Monitor


Last December Photozuela  released its new line of security Cameras. After careful review we selected an IP Camera that is stable, can be connected via WIFI or ethernet and a camera that can also be accessed used any android smartphone with a simple and safe APP. Contrary to the common perception, an IP wifi connected camera is not too expensive as compared to an analog camera. Particularly the zuelaCam 1 can be used plug … Read More →