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Photozuela is one of the most

Promising Business

You may enter in, because Asia is the biggest market in the world. The growth of e-commerce in The Philippines is projected to be 41% in the coming years and the need for responsible e-commerce initiatives are enormous. In Photozuela we are artists and entrepreneurs who want to contribute to society with passion.

Why Invest in Analema

  • Deep market segment (Photo Hobbyist)

The community of photo hobbyist in the Philippines has currently more than 100000 artists, and growing. With the growth of income of Filipinos their disposable income tends to go to gadgets and elements that can become source of extra income (like a photo booth business for example)

  • Specialized products carries products that are sought after but not found in the regular camera shop because it requires assembly or professional training to sell. We put a big deal of effort in studying our offerings to match the needs of professionals and hobbyist in usability, specifications as well as in budget

  • In house quality control

All our sourcing is done in house, to the extend of setting an assembly line and custom packaging to make sure products are acceptable and able to be sold upon arrival at the Philippines. It is not only buying  products that sell well but making sure the integrity of its production is right.

  • Passionate management team

We love what we do, this is why we are likely to continue doing it for many years and continue generating revenue for our investors

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