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Meet the ZuelaCAM 1: Stable IP Security Camera and Baby Monitor


Last December Photozuela  released its new line of security Cameras.

After careful review we selected an IP Camera that is stable, can be connected via WIFI or ethernet and a camera that can also be accessed used any android smartphone with a simple and safe APP.

Contrary to the common perception, an IP wifi connected camera is not too expensive as compared to an analog camera. Particularly the zuelaCam 1 can be used plug and play and it is not only affordable but very stable.  We have seen users who keep the camera online for more than 2 years without need of restarting even once.

Moreover, the Zuela CAM IP Camera works beyond the simply security device but it can also be used as a baby monitor with its capacity to stream sounds in both ways (listen and speak)

Affordable yet High Quality IP Camera with Wifi function, it can be connected to smartphone

We have listed for you a few reasons why everyone must have their own Security Camera that is WIFI operated.

1. Super easy set up

Right out of the box you can scan the QR code below the camera and via the app configure the relevant settings of your IP Camera

Affordable yet High Quality IP Camera with Wifi function, it can be connected to smartphone

2. Flexible

The IP cameras can be installed standing or upside down hanging on the wall. this give you additional span and angle of viewing. The Camera can be tilted rotated and moved entirely from your smartphone touch screen. Even in low light conditions, the Zuela Cam 1 comes with nigh vision that works real well.

Affordable yet High Quality IP Camera with Wifi function, it can be connected to smartphone

3. Lower Installation Cost

This is a Camera that does not require cables drilling or expensive installations. If you only need to monitor your Home or the room of your loved ones. This camera will do the job for a fraction of what you pay for an DVR system.

4. Wifi or Cable, Smartphone ready

The Security Camera of Photozuela is absolutely and awesome Internet ready, by wifi, by cable and even with your Android smartphone

5. Incredibly stable

Forget about problems with stability, the signal of your ZuelaCam 1 will always be there. More than 12 months without even needing a restart and even recording stills every certain time as you configure it. One common concern of theusers is that they feel IP cameras loose connection of need to be restarted from time to time because they lose the connection. This will be not the case with the Security Camera Zuela Cam 1. WE assure exceptional stability even in streaming video when checking from outside of the network via mobile phone

6. Night Vision

The camera chipset can determine in real time the light conditions and switch from Color resolution to night vision. It works remarkably well!

If you want to buy the ZuelaCam 1 Security IP Wifi Camera just click here

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