Fujitsu Battery with Rechargeable and USB POWERBANK

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Charger Features

– Intellignt Charging
– USB input charging , Can be connected to any USB powersource for power input
– USB to micro USB charge /DIscharge cable included
– Red ( Charging ) Green (Fully Charged ) LED Indicator
– Charges 1-4 AA or AAA Nihm Cells
– Peak Voltage Control
– Temperature Control / Protection
– Minus Delta Voltage detection
– Safety Timer control
– Alkaline Battery detection that automatically prevents charging if non-rechargeable alkaline batteries are accidentally inserted
– Short circuited cell detection

Packing :

– Fujitsu HR-3uTB2000mah ( Min 2450mAh) AA batteries 4pcs
– Fujitsu (FSC341EX-B(CL) Charger 1pcs
Size :
Width  : 71mm
Height : 23mm
Length : 100mm
Weight : 248g

Portable Smart Charger Features

–  9.6Watt Hour of power avaialable for charging any USB inpur devices like smartphones, Tablets , MP3 Players , Portable speaker . Many Others Digital Devices
–  Offers more than one and a half charges for Iphone 4/4S, 5/5S using the including 4 X AA NiMH batteries
–  Blue Led Indicator for Power Output Mode
–  Commonly available , Standard Primary AA or AAA Batteries can be inserted to use the powerbank as an emergency charges
–  Safe and Approces for airline travel , Can be packed in airline stored luggage unline Li-Ion Powerbanks

1 Year Service Warranty

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