105W Photographic CFL Lamp Code: CFL-105CS


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105 Watts, color balanced, energy saving lamp for continuous lighting applications.

This 105 watt light bulb is color corrected to 5500K. It has a life cycle of 4000 hrs and it fits all medium-base E26/E27 light bulb holders. It measures 23cm long. These type of light bulbs are ideal for photography and video work.


* Day light energy balance spiral energy saver light bulbs

* 105W 5500K Bulbs

* Liftetime: 4000 hours

* For photo, product photography and video lighting

Regarding Shipping of bulbs:  Photozuela bulbs products are carefully tested and packed safely for transportation. We place marks and advise the local carrier in detail on how to handle the products, however, if the item is damaged during transportation we accept no liability on the item. Rest assured that we take every measure to keep the quality and reliability of the delivery but if you want to be absolutely sure that your item wont be damaged in transit the best option is to schedule a pickup in our warehouse in Taguig. Many thanks for your understanding.

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