Bianco Luce X5


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Switch 1 controls the bulbs on the lower left and on the upper right.

Switch 2 controls the bulb in the middle.

Switch 3 controls the two bulbs on the upper left and the lower right.

Before installing or removing bulbs, unplug the power cable and wait for the bulbs to cool down.

Bulbs get hot after lighting for a period. Do not touch. Do not put flammable objects beside them either.

This device is not water-proof. Do not use it in rain or fog.
NOTE: CFL Bulbs and Light Stand are not INCLUDED.  For demonstration purpose only.


Power Supply: AC110V-130V/50-60Hz

Light Holder: E27 light holder*5

Softbox Adapter: Metal adapter to install rectangle, foursquare, quadrangle and octagonal softbox.

Fuse: 5A (for your reference, refer to the actual product)

Dimension: 22.8×19.7×9.7cm

Weight: 770g


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