Bianco Luce X900 KIT

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Bianco Luce X900 KIT with Battery Pack

The highest technology in lighting, A light that is simple & practical.

Bianco Luce X 900 KIT   Code: BLX900 are energy efficient with low power consumption and can enhance your compositions.

These lights produce much less heat and used for lighting a subject for film, photography or video. With a very small power, this light can also achieve the illumination of  a traditional light. At the same time, it provides soft & even light, manual control of dimming.

Light Stand is sold Separately


Consumption: 38Ws


Color Temperature: 5400K-3200K

LED Number: 1260pcs

Luminous Flux: 5600 lm

Power Supply: DC 24v, AC 110-240v

Light Size: 43x26x6cm

What’s Included:

1pc. Led Lights 38ws

1pc. Diffuser with Grid

2pcs. Color filter

1pc. Equipment Bag

1pc. Battery Pack

1 year Months Service Warranty on Led Light



3 Months Service Warranty on Battery Pack 

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Weight 11 kg


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