Led Two Light 170 Video Lighting Kit

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This is a new Led kit, consisting of two LED 170 lights designed for digital photography and video.

This two lights kit is perfect for video interviews and photo portraits. You can use these lights whenever you need a set of small, powerful lights for video or digital photography. These lights will fit on any standard camera shoe mount or on the included light stands. These are perfect for all kinds of video applications, even smart-phone video.Each LED light fixture has an easy to operate stepless power dial that will allow you to get the amount of light you need.

These Power LED lights come with diffusers to soften the light; orange filters to warm the light. Our new LED170’s are compatible with all digital photo and video cameras. Now you can get professional results with these dimmable battery operated power LED170’s.

What’s Included?

2x Led 170 Lights

2x 6.2 Light Weight Stand


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