Mini Bianco Luce 170 Code: MBL-170CF

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Mini Bianco Luce 170 Code: MBL-170CF

This is a quality entry level kit. It includes two lights CFL set up with two umbrellas.

These lamps were developed specifically for digital photography.  Flicker free and daylight balanced, these lamps produce a real soft glow that with bathe your subjects in a superior light. Filtration or color correction are not needed.

Main advantages of this lighting kit are:

  • With the umbrella attachment you get to control the angle and tenor of the light by moving it closer or further from the light.
  • This is great lighting made the easy way.   This lighting kit gives you that soft, wrap around light that eliminates harsh shadows and hotspots.
  • Works great for portraiture or product photography.
  • Worry-free shooting as it doesn’t have complicated controls. Working with these lights is as easy as turning them on
  • This is compatible with all digital or film cameras and software.

What’s Included?

2x 85Watts Photographic CFL Lamp CFL-85CS

2x Single Bulb Stand E27 Socket SK-E27

2x 6ft  Light Weight Stand

1x 33″ Translucent Umbrella  UM-33T

1x 33″ Reflective Umbrella UM-33RS

Regarding Shipping of bulbs:  Photozuela bulbs products are carefully tested and packed safely for transportation. We place marks and advise the local carrier in detail on how to handle the products, however, if the item is damaged during transportation we accept no liability on the item. Rest assured that we take every measure to keep the quality and reliability of the delivery but if you want to be absolutely sure that your item wont be damaged in transit the best option is to schedule a pickup in our warehouse in Taguig. Many thanks for your understanding.

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