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Photozuela Quarzo Luce Code: QL-1000

Because of the included diffusion umbrella, it may also be used for green screen Chroma key applications both in video and stills. Quartz-halogen lights are an alternative to flash heads for studio photography.

One of the most common problems in flash photography is find-ing out after you look at pictures taken that the flash units creat-ed unwanted shadows. This doesn‘t happen with quartz-halogen lights. These lights are on while you are composing a picture, so you see the exact effect the lighting has on your subject. This is a big advantage for a lot of photographers.

? Step less Light Intensity Adjustment from up to 1000 Watts*, 26000 lm
? Model Light Function
? No Optical Parallax
? Color Temperature: 3300 K
? Cooling Method: Cooling Fan, Thermal Isolation Base, Radiator
? Operating Voltage: AC 220V
What’s Included / Specifications:
1pcs Quartz Light Control Unit Bowens S-Type
1pcs 1000 Watts PHILIPS Quartz Halogen Lamp HTQ-260LM
1pcs Bowens S-Type Mount Reflector
1pcs Fused British Plug with 5m Power Cord, Socket Adaptor Included
1pc Light Stands Code: SS-T280
Segments: 4
Max. Height: 2800mm, 9 feet
w/ 1/4 and 3/8 Spigot, Vertical and
Horizontal Placement
Operation Manual
6 Months Service Warranty

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