Testa Rossa Single Head with Dimmer Code: BFL-800

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The Testa Rossa Single with inline  dimmer controller  is also widely known as The Redhead, with   800 Watts of power and a color temperature 3200K, this product is ideal for lighting on stage, conference room, large studio, in the field, SLR and DSLR photography or videography. Each housing has an 800W halogen tube which can illuminate a large area indoors and outdoors. You can control the focus of the beam using the large dial on its back end for precise focus. These lights can be used as a key flood light for large areas and are also useful as fill and backlights.

Included in the Testa Rossa BFL-800 Single:

1 Head Units Code: BFL-800

Power: AC 220V, 800W *

Adjustable Focus Knob: Rear

Barn Door / Scrim: Included

1 Halogen Tubes Code: HTR-25LM

Luminous Flux: 25000 lm

Fused British Power Plug

1 Included Grounded Socket Adapter

Includes In-line Master Switch

User Manual

Packed in Carton

6 Months Service Warranty

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