Zuela Led32 Auto Flash Lights


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The first true speedlight for smartphones and tablets


  • A powerful slave flash and continuous LED 28 pieces
  • Make your own mini smartphone studio
  • Product photography was never so easy
  • Elegant design match with your smartphone

1.Flash mode

You can use the automatic flash mode when taking pictures, it can automatically sync, color corrected and a complete smart phone flash.

2.Video Light mode
It can use as a video light when shooting video clips. Its brightness is 4 times the fill light of phone and reducing the dark shooting video noise.

3.Precision ten files dimming
Dimming mode offers ten stages, adapt to a variety of creative lighting requirements.

4.High quality light source
Using photography dedicated LED lamp beads, it has a higher color rendering index than the home LED lighting, It also has better color reproduction,when higher brightness per unit area, the greater the illumination angle.

5.Exquisite appearance
Zuela Led32 have 4 colors to choose which can be perfect for your phone.

6.Mini Flashlight
In an emergency, Zuela Led32 auto flash light can be used as lighting used, No need to connect the phone to use.

Battery capacity: 250 mAh
Power: 3.7 Watt
Weight: 29.8 g
Size: 5 * 1.2 cm
Flash Brightness: 490 lumens
Flash times: more than 1000 times
Video fill light time: 20 minutes

Package Includes:
1 x Zuela Led32
1 x Manual

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