AC Slave Flash 72w

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The AC Slave Flash expands your capabilities without sync cables. It is an excellent complement to the Master AC Slave. A test button is provided. The AC Slave is triggered by a reliable built-in slave. It fits any standard 220V AC lamp base socket. They are ideal light sources for indoor photography. They have multiple edges such as great guide number, high sensitivity and quick charge and not disturbed by illuminating lamps, and can be used as key lights, filling lights, edge lights, top lights and footlights.


1 AC Slave Flash w/ Sync Cords

Power: 72Ws each

Guide Number: 35 (ISO 100)

Radiation Angle: > 38° x 55°

Optical Control Distance: ? 10m

Sync Socket: Yes

Test Fire Button: Yes

Slave Sensor: Yes

LED Power Indicator: Yes

LED Ready Indicator: Yes

Stepping Adjustment Knob: Yes

220V AC 60Hz

User Manual


NOTE: AC Slave Flash E27 Socket sold separately.


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  1. Mike G

    This is a mainstay in my studio-on-the-go kit. More powerful than an external flash and not as bulky and heavy as a 300w strobe. If you’re thinking of starting a small studio and you’re on a tight budget, you may want to consider this.

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