Crusader Kit for Larger Studios and Events

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Ideal for larger Studios and Events

Our best selling studio flash with unique features such as:

* Air Cooled – Durable

* Advanced Electric Safety – Reliable

* Modern Design – Attractive


  • Three strobes enhances your creativity more with multi-ple points of interests illuminated in your shots. This kit is best for larger studios and events.
  • All our studio flash feature technologies not seen on oth-er affordable flash. Check out their specs on the next pages and compare.
  • All our other Photozuela accessories such as barn doors, snoots, beauty dish (with optional honeycomb) are compatible with all our studio flash.
What’s Included?
3pcs. Photozuela Shibuya 250 Code: ATD-250GS
3pcs. 8″ Height Air Cushion Light Stand Code: SS-47A
2pcs.  Rectangular Softbox Standard Elinchrom Mount 60x90cm Code: SB-69RS
1pc. 36”DualPurpose Umbrella Translucent / Reflective Function Code: UM-36DP
1set. Wireless Trigger and Receiver Code: Trig-4TR
2pcs. Wireless Extra Receiver Code: Trig-4R


Restrictions: To be eligible for the instant savings, the 3 pieces light stands SS-47A, 2 pieces soft box SB-69RS, 1pc dual duty umbrella UM-36DP, 1pc TRIG-4TR, and 2pc TRIG-4R must not be replaced by other models.

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