Leadpower Portable Inverter Code: LP-750

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The Godox Leadpower LP-750 is a battery pack with a pure sine wave inverter, designed for use with studio lights. It can power laptops, digital cameras and wide array of other electronic equipment as well. The LP-750 is an indispensable back-up power supply for many outdoor activities. Leadpower LP-750 makes AC power possible wherever your creativity takes you.


Novel Structure, Portable Size:

It consists of a built-in battery of 2.2kg supporting fast replacement and a body of 3.4kg, easy to carry.

Powerful as a Mini Generator:

The battery supports strobes of up to 3000Ws (recycle time of 2s) which can meet the outdoor shooting requirement for large-power strobe light. As a standard accessory, the special high-quality 9,000mA NiMH battery pack sustains strobe lights of 600W to flash 380 times in full power.

Specialized and Optimized, Dual Mode, Wider Application:

It provides both the flash mode and non-flash mode. The former is specially optimized based on the features of the power supply circuit of studio flashes in order to protect your sophisticated lighting equipment. The latter has power-saving function supporting continuous 40hrs standby, and it is applicable to any flash light and electrical appliance meeting the power requirement

Safe and Reliable, Multiple Protection:

It adopts an ergonomic handle and body design. Its engineering plastic casing can protect the user’s safety. Intelligent control provides safety features such as overload, short-circuit, high-voltage input, and overheating. It also protects the external power against inverse connection of anode and cathode

Easy to operate, professional:

Install the battery into the battery box, turn on the power switch, and then insert the power cord of your equipment into the socket on battery box

Easy to charge:

It supports AC charging, car cigarette socket charging, or 10 to 15V DC external charging by a car battery or storage battery via a battery connector


The net weight of this item is around 8.2 kg (including battery) & excl. outer carton


Photographic apparatuses: flashes, tricolor lamps, quartz lights and other continuous lightings; Household electric entertainment products: TV, Video recorders, Cameras, studio flashlights, radios and mobile phones, etc. Household appliances: Dust collectors, fans, lamps, shavers, fridges, soymilk makers and Stirrers, etc; office equipment: Computers, network servers, printers, fax machines and scanners, etc; Electric tools: Electric saws, electric drills, grinders, sand mills and dampers, etc;


Continuous Output: 750W

Peak Power: 1400W

Input Voltage Range:

Output Voltage/Frequency: 230V/50Hz

Output Waveform: Pure Sine Wave

High Dynamic Distortion: 3%

Current Consumption: Normal Mode: 0.25A/Flash Mode: 1A

Conversion Efficiency: 91%

Low-Voltage Alarm: Yes

Low-Voltage Shutdown: Yes

Storage Temperature Range: -30°C – 70°C

Operating Temperature Range: 0 – 40°C

Battery Type / Capacity: NiMH/9Ah

Normal Capacity of Battery: 9Ah

Charging Period: About 6h (Standard 1.7A Charger)

Power Outlets: Three (3) Universal Type CE 230V

Fuse: 6x30A Changeable (3x30A for External Connection; 3x30A for Actual Device)


1 LEADPOWER LP-750 Portable Power Inverter

1 Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery 1 AC Charger

1 Car Charger

1 Power Cable

1 Shoulder Bag

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