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The Ring Flash Godox Monix EXR400 – Aside from having a ring flash, it provides advanced features such as higher guide number than the EX400 and a camera stand. The large diameter hole allows you to mount almost all types of cameras and lens size. If you need a flash that hardly produces shadows, this is your best choice. Another plus is that The Monix EXR400 creates fantastic lighting effects most especially for wedding ceremonies (creates a glamorous catch light), and large scale venues. There are no interference by nearby colors and creates perfect lighting under a gold and yellow background.


Max power Output: 400Ws

Guide Number: 68 (ISO 100)

Power variation: 9 steps

Modeling Lamp: 12V 20W

Recycle Time (Full Light): 2.5s

Illumination Angle: 65°

Rated voltage of the Charger: AC 100V-240V 50/60HZ

Battery: Rechargeable 3000mAh Ni-MH

Battery Charge Mode: AC Outlet / Automobile 12VDC

Battery Loading & Unloading: Built-in (replaceable)

What’s Included?

1 Ring Flash head with handle

1 Power pack

1 Battery pack

1 AC Charger

1 Wireless remote trigger RT-02

1 Aluminum case (Color Gray)

1 Translucent cap

1 Sync cord

1 1.5-meter power cord

1 Vehicle cigarette lighter cord

1 Camera Stand / Mounting Bracket

1 Power pack bag

User Manual

Replacement Parts and Spares Available:

Spare Battery Pack E3000

Replacement EXR Flash Tube Model FT14, 400Ws



Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 21 × 46 × 35 cm


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