New Vegas 300ws Studio Flash Bowens Mount

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The Vegas 300ws Studio Flash Bowens Mount is one of our most powerful strobes. Version 2015 is completely redesigned to fit in a  quality aluminum body, constructed for lightweight durability and equipped with a silent cooling fan to prevent overheating. the Vegas 300 is stable, durable and economical. Comes with an easy-grip handle that can be used for gently setting up or moving the light to a preferred position. It also features a powerful 150W modeling lamp. Moreover, the built-in slave can be used to trigger the light by other flash or infrared sources.

The Vegas 300 was designed by photographers who have worked with digital photography, making it digital friendly for both beginners and professionals. Now at an incredible price


  • Short flash duration and fast recycle time
  • Compact & lightweight body with Bowens mount
  • Equipped with M/S1/S2 flash mode
  • Adjusts from 5.0 to 8.0 in 0.1 increments (1/32-1/1). Steplessly adjustable 150W modeling lamp.


Max Power: 300

Guide Number(m ISO 100): 58

Color Temperature: 5600 ±200K

Operating Voltage: AC200-240V/50Hz or AC100-120V/60Hz

Power Output Control: 5.0-8.0 (1/32-1/1)

Modeling Lamp: 150W

Recycle Time: 0.3-1.5s

Triggering Mode: Sync cord, Slave triggering, Test button,Wireless control port

FlashDuration: 1/2000s-1/800s

Fuse: 5A

What’s Included?

1x Vegas 300ws Bowens Mount

1x Power Cord

1x 300ws Flash Tube

1x Standard Reflector

1x Sync Cord

1x 150w Halogen Modeling lamp

1x Protective Cap for Flash Tube

Instruction Manual

1 Year Service Warranty

Additional information

Weight 9 kg


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