Strobist Kit II for on-the-go Photography

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Strobist Kit II for on-the-go Photography

The C600 Electronic Flash Speedlite competes directly with other manual, off-camera flash units such as the Nikon Flash and the Canon Flash. This is the speed light you need when you just have to get that shoot done, and then some more without breaking the bank.  With slave function, it can act as an additional studio flash – handheld or on a light stand. Off-camera flash is perfect for when your DSLR’s built-in flash just isn’t powerful enough, when you want to be more creative and flexible, bouncing light off other objects or when you just have a large diameter lens mounted to avoid lens (hood) shadows. It does have

* Metal Hot shoe

* PC sync port

* port for external battery pack

* metal 1/4″ threads on bottom of flash stand

100% Compatible with Canon, Nikon and most DSLR

Godox Reemix 3-in-1 Remote Control RMI – The Reemix Remote is more than just another flash trigger. It has three functions: TRIGGER STUDIO STROBE. Connect Reemix with your studio flash to trigger synchronously. It has multiple channels that enable you to trigger more than one strobe at a time. CONTROL FLASH SPEEDLIGHT. You can wirelessly control your off-camera flash gun. RELEASE CAMERA SHUTTER. You can set your camera in correspondence mode.  It is possible to release your camera shutter in auto-focus, single and continuous shot, bulb and delay from a distance. It can be rotated from 0 ~ 90*and equips with umbrella holder. Different photo umbrellas can be installed on the receiver to achieve various lighting effect. The material is nylon which is stable and durable. The design is exquisite and petite.

The translucent umbrella is a great addition to your studio setup. This umbrella works well to  diffuse the light from any flash, creating a soft even light for your subject. The lack of a black backing gives this umbrella the ability to flash through the umbrella if needed and simulate the effects of a softbox. Portability is a plus for location shots. This size is good for head shots and small to medium sized products.

The light stand  Very lightweight; Black anodized aluminum; Max height is 6.2 Ft; Stable & Quick Setup.

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