Studio Kit for Portrait Photography

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Ideal for Portrait Photography and Hobbyist

Our best selling studio flash with unique features such as:

* Air Cooled – Durable

* Advanced Electric Safety – Reliable

* Modern Design – Attractive


-Best for quality portrait such as weddings events and sports photography, especially when paired with our reflector holder for better light control. Also great as a start up semi-pro home studio!

-If you‘re starting out with your first home or small business studio, this is the kit to go for. As you develop new skills and or budget you can add more studio flash (even a more powerful one), or accessories as needed.

-This 1 strobe kit can be an addition to your existing setup

-All our studio flash feature technologies not seen on other affordable flash. Check out their specs on the next pages and compare.

-All our other Photozuela accessories such as barn doors, snoots, beauty dish (with optional honeycomb) are compatible with all our studio flash.

What’s Included?

2pcs. Photozuela Vegas 300ws

2pcs. 8ft” Height Light Stand Code: SS-47A

2pcs. 60×90 Rectangular Softbox

1set. Wireless Trigger and Receiver

Replacement Parts and Spares Available:

Additional information

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