Speedlight Accessories Kit Code: SA-6K

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 Speedlight Accessories Kit Code: SA-6K can easily bring your photographs to a new level.

This accessories set is a perfect fit for the mobile photographer because of its easy change velcro design, you can install it on your flash gun easily. Mini Softbox, Flash Color Filter, Honeycomb, Snoot, Flash Bounce  can be changed for your different lighting purpose, and it just needs a few seconds to switch from one to the other.

  • Mini Softbox (softed and even light distribution) – Create even and diffused light.
  • Flash color effect filter kit (for different setting) – There are 7 color filters (Medium yellow, bright red, just blue, full  orange, half orange, quarter  orange, Green), you can select single or combinations color of these filters for different scene. Color correction & special effects.
  • Honey comb (precise and direct light output) – Light can be much concentrated and helps to generate extraordinary effect to the picture.
  • Snoot (concentrate the light) – This snoot is to create a particular focus on a small still life object, the effect is better if you shoot under off-camera mode.
  • Flash Bounce Card(silver and white reflector sides) – Helps to reduce hard background shadows and eliminates the annoying red eye effect.
  • Flash holder type E (speedlite/umbrella bracket) – Hot shoe clip design for quickly mounting flashgun, 1/4″ and 3/8 socket can be changed of the base for tripod or light stand through turning the inside gold stuff.

What’s Included?

  • 1 x Mini Softbox: 20x15CM
  • 1 x Mini Bounce Card: 17x14CM
  • 1 x Honey Comb: 8×4.8CM
  • 35 x Color Filters – Size: 8x4CM:7 Colors, 5pcs per color:Medium YellowBright RedJust BlueFull Orange–Color Temperature: 6500K-3200KHalf Orange–Color Temperature: 6500K-3800K

    Quarter Orange–Color Temperature: 6500K-4600K


  • 1 x Snoot: 29x27CM
  • 1 x Speedlite Holder
  • 5 x Velcro

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