Professional Portable Mini LED Light Soft Box for Studio Photography

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With this awesome, foldable shooting SoftBox with LED you can take quality pictures for selling online with both your smartphone and camera. It takes little or no effort to assemble and connecting to any usb power source will give you hours properly balanced light. You can also change the background with the included Black and Grey cards.

This is a good solution, professional, yet low budget for beginners and those who need to shoot small products or Food Photography (single dishes)

Voltage:5V / 2A
Light source:LED
LED:25PCS 5050
Color temperture:5500K
Material:Environmentally friendly
Unfold size:80*80cm

Please note that you need a USB power source to light up the included LED, it can be a power bank or your laptop computer





Safety voltage, 25 high power LED lamp bead evenly distributed in the box.

Package Includes:
1*LED Photograph Box

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Weight 1.131 kg
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 80 cm


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